Info Log

Hello, and welcome to the complete collection of my AIFS Global Scholar Info Log. From this page, you can link to the entirety of my independent coursework as assigned by the Global Scholar Program. The Info Log acts as a journal of my research and findings throughout my experience, including the time before leaving, the time I was there, and the time after my return.

The pre-departure exercises prepared me with country and culture specific information for my semester abroad in Salzburg, Austria. Most of this journal documents my expectations and records my research findings.

Info Log: Before I Leave

The on-site exercises compelled me to consider my transition and assimilation into the daily culture of Salzburg, Austria. Most of this journal documents my experiences and records my reactions.

Festung HohenSalzburg
Info Log: While I am There

The return exercises helped me cope with the reverse culture shock and emotion of leaving Salzburg, Austria. Most of this journal documents my feelings and records my reflections and goals for the future.

Info Log: Once I Return

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