Dodge HeidelbergDodging Borders is a website I created to document, share, and reflect on my experiences studying abroad during the fall 2015 semester in Salzburg, Austria. I invite you to journey with me on my travels to exciting and historical destinations in the interest of gaining intercultural growth and wisdom beyond what is read in textbooks. It is the adventure of a lifetime, and I wish to share it with you!

My name is Jennifer, but most of my friends call me Dodge. I am not your average undergraduate study abroad student since I am in my thirties, but it is a priority of mine to prove you are never too old to get an education and see the world! Years ago, I traveled to Europe with my family, and the exposure to so many interesting foreign cultures motivated me to take my life in an international direction.

Germany on the left, France on the right - aboard the VIking Jarl in 2013.
Join me on my European journey!

I recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a double major in Writing & Rhetoric and English. Studying in Salzburg with the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) allowed me to explore literature and culture in the same breathtaking landscape that inspired so many of my favorite authors and artists. The growth and transformation coming from stepping out of comfort zones and into the world in undeniable – and I want to spread the word! It is my dream to travel, write, and educate others about the advantages of experience beyond our familiar borders – and this is where it all begins…

“Wer Wagt, Gewinnt!”

“Who Dares, Wins!”

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